Agile Development - Team Structure

There are three primary roles on an agile team: Value Seekers, Builders, and ScrumMasters. The Value Seekers manage the product vision and return-on-investment (ROI). Builders realize the product plans and deliver the product. ScrumMasters lead, support and coach the team.

Each role has a designated leader. Value Seekers are led by the Product Owner. Builders are led by a technical lead or functional lead. The ScrumMaster leads the project as a whole.

Core Team: Product Owner, Programmers, Architects, Testers, UI / UE (User Experience) Designers, DBAs, Technical Writers, and ScrumMaster.

Project Community: Business Analysts, Product Managers, Testers, Architects, Technical Writers, Other Product Owners, Enterprise Architects, IT / Tool Support, Operations, Other Teams, Organizational Scrum, Functional Managers, IT Managers, Program Management, Other ScrumMasters.

External Roles: End Users, Managements, Marketing / Sales / Customer Support, Executive Management, Finance, Human Resources

Members of an core team collaborate frequently (many times each day). Members of Project Community collaborate often. External Roles collaborate as needed.

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