Accessibility Testing Tools

Web Accessibility Inspector examines the accessibility of a website and points out any important problem that affects mainly the elderly and visually disabled people.

Section 508 Web Accessibility Checker Find out if your website is following section 508 standard or not. Section 508 is a US Law with the purpose to provide access to and use of Federal executive agencies’ electronic and information technology (EIT) by individuals with disabilities.

IBM aDesigner A disability simulator that helps Web designers ensure that their pages are accessible and usable by the visually impaired.

ColorDoctor is software for Windows that simulates the display content according to grayscale and color characteristics.

WebAIM Wave is a great visual tool for improving accessibility! Instead of generating reports on errors it shows you the error spots on your webpage.

Functional Accessibility Evaluator evaluates the smooth functionality of your web page.

WebXM Use this Online Risk Management tool to check the accessibility, quality, privacy, security, brand and compliance issues across corporate web properties

Colour Blindness Simulator See the difference in the display of colors to your users affected with color blindness.

Colour Contrast Analyser Use W3C Colour Contrast algorithm and check the contrast between colors.

Accessibility-Checker This is an accessibility checker and it checks the conformance of the web pages according to the accessibility standards.

Access Color This checks the color contrast and brightness for the website and makes sure that the people with visual impairment also access the website with same ease.

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