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Technology Interests:

  1. Infrastructure as Code (Terraform) tools
  2. Political debate platform like Reddit but without moderator where citizen can propose law, discuss current potential law, interact with politicians, and vote. We must verify users and politicians.
  3. Big Data, Genome sequencing, how to develop medication to treat virus.

What are my current to-do things?

  • Look at the problems-need-be-solved page
  • Determine what features are offered by LegalZoom.
  • Learn how to use ProductHunt
  • Continue to work on AstoundLearning
  • The solar project
  • Understand VR and how it would impact web development
  • Research various vitamins
  • Learn https://webpack.github.io/
  • Learn how to use reddit, Hacker News, digg, StumbleUpon, StumbleUpon, Periscope, Chime.In
  • Look at my To-Do list on Trello
  • How can I have multiple blog pages or should I have two separate blogs with two separate domain names?
  • Look at the research page
  • Read articles on the health page
  • T-shirt design and printing business
  • Get rid of the thoughts page or clean it up
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