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All American Fitness: 1223 The Alameda, San Jose, CA 95126. Monday - Thursday 10-7, Friday & Saturday 10-6, Sunday 11-5
PlayItAgainSport: 1080 Blossom Hill Road, San Jose, CA 95123. 10:00 AM-7:00 PM
360Fitness Superstore: (888) 431-2702 ext 804. 727 Francisco Blvd East, San Rafael, CA 94901 (415)460-9951 Hours: 10 to 5

How to use and interpret Wireshark?

Science clubs
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After school homework club

How do air conditioners work? What chemicals are used by air conditioners?

How do refrigerators work? Do they work differently from air conditioners? Do they work more efficiently then air conditioners?

Electrical current:
A good source of power to generate electricity would be the ocean / sea water. The ocean also has a lot of wind, so it is also a good place to generate electricity. What would it take to build a power plant above the ocean / sea? Electricity (taken from waterfalls) is already clean energy. Why do we need to reduce energy consumption? Why can't we afford to keep ourselves cool in the summer? Can we not take full advantage of the natural resources (winds, waterfall) around us?

How do solar panel work?,,20791083,00.html
How is electricity that is generated by solar panel stored and used?
What is the most efficient way to use solar panel?
How much electricity can be generated by solar panel?
How do we convert electricity from low current to high current?
What can I do with a solar panel?
How much does a solar panel cost?

Cleaning the air:

How do re-chargeable batteries work?

Personal vent-less (duct-less) portable air conditioner controlled by a thermostat, and powered by a solar panel: ACW100
Combine a regular air conditioner with a swamp cooler. The regular air conditioner works as normal, but the hot exhaust pipe is combined / routed through a swamp cooler where the hot air blows through the wet cloth submitted in water. This probably does not work well because the energy still stay in the room (it hasn't gone anywhere), but may worth a try.
Heat is caused by excessive energy. When the room is hot, it contains a lot of energy. I am not sure how air conditioners work yet, but part of it is by removing the excess energy / hot air from the room through the vent to outside. I am sure that they do not simply suck the air from the room and blow that air through the vent to outside, but that is part how air conditioners work.
Heat is caused by excessive energy. How can we capture this excessive energy to do useful work such as converting it to electricity and storing it in a battery so that it can be later re-used?
Close all the windows. Turn off all the lights.
Why are air conditioners so big? Can we condense it so that I can put it on my desk (even though I may have to vent the air through a window or vent the air to another room)? I've seen an air conditioner that look like a desktop computer. Which web site did I see this on? See if I can make a mini air conditioning system. The outside of the air conditioner can be wood, or it can be metal which can absorb heat from the air.
Heat is a form of energy. Air conditioning works by removing heat (energy) from unwanted location and route it to another place where it is unobjectionable. This is why we need a vent. Some vent-less air conditioning system aren't really vent-less. They have hoses that are either run through the wall or has to be routed elsewhere such as a bath-tub or the attic. Is it possible to have a truly vent-less portable personal small-room air conditioner power by solar panel and controlled by thermostat? Can I make a small portable air conditioner that are powered by solar panel for my car that can keep my car cool when my car is parked in the sun? Can we put some sort of see-through plastic-like material on my car glasses and have this plastic change color and reflect sunlight via a small electric current from a solar panel or battery? The point is to make something that prevent my car from being damaged by sunlight and heat.
How can I convert my stationary bike into a device that charge batteries or power the house during electric outage?

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